They said it didn't exist . .
by John R. Benneth
The worldwide flu pandemic of 1918 was the greatest medical holocaust of all time. It was stunning in its swiftness and mortality rates. Between March 1918 and June 1920, it infected as many as one out of three individuals and killed up to 100 million people, six percent of the world’s then 1.5 billion population, most of them young adults. It wiped out entire villages, even in the remotest corners of the globe, with the exception of quarantined islands. [1, 2.]

It was the supreme test of medicine, it was horrifying and it was breathtakingly swift. You could wake up feeling fine for breakfast, be ill by lunch, a bloody prostrate mess by suppertime,  blue by bed time and dead and your corpse blackened by nightfall. There were even reports of people suddenly dropping dead. Standing alive one moment, deceased and prostrate the next.[3]

As always, all traditional oppositional medicine could do was make it worse, terminally worse. In the worst cases, most notably those that had been treated with aspirin, the corpse would quickly turn black. The autopsy would show that internal organs had begun to liquefy. Victims would drown in their own blood. The blood turned black because of a lack of oxygen brought on by hemorrhaging in the lungs. Almost half of all influenza victims suffered from sudden nosebleeds and bloody sputum, sometimes spurting bright red fountains a foot from the bed,  drenching the sheets and staff dark purple. Some would lose as much as a pint of blood at a time. 

There was only one refuge from the plague of influenza, "la grippe." 

It was homeopathy.

To the uninitiated, homeopathy is often laughed at as being nothing more than the use of placebos, non-molecular substances unable to have effects beyond coincidence and imagination. And perhaps for fear of ridicule, officials are not presently including it as a backup to flu shots.. But the historic record shows that during the 1918 flu pandemic, the most devastating plague to ever hit mankind, numerous medical doctors said homeopathic remedies were the only things that consistently kept their patients alive.

At the time of the 1918 H1N1 flu epidemic, medical doctors who ignored the use of homeopathic medicines were losing up to 30% of their patients, while MD’s who administered  homeopathic remedies such as Gelsemium and Bryonia had a mortality rate of 0% to 4%.[4,5,6,7]

Thanks to the work of  W.A. Dewey, MD., we have the testimonies of many of those  medical doctors who made comparatively amazing use of homeopathic remedies during that devastating pandemic. [ 7 ]

Dr. E. Fisher an M.D in Chicago reported that in the New Mexico public health service Veratrum viride, Gelsemium and Bryonia provided excellent results in treating influenza. He said no cases died under homeopathic medication. [7] 

W. A. Pearson, the Dean of Hahnemann College in Philadelphia, collected 26,795 cases of influenza treated by homeopathic physicians. They had a mortality rate of 1.05%, while the average old school was 30%. [7]

Aspirin made it worse. People with influenza died from taking aspirin. Dr. C.J. Loizeaux a medical doctor in Des Moines Iowa said, "German aspirin has killed more people than German bullets." [7] 

Dr. E. B. Finney, a medical doctor in Lincoln, Nebraska said "I knew Aspirin and the coal tar products would kill more people than the disease itself and it has so proved. One old school physician told me he had gotten wise to the fact that Aspirin was killing his patients and that he had stopped sing it and was relying on homeopathic and eclectic remedies." [7]

Dr. W. H. Hanchett, a medical doctor in Omaha, Nebraska said, "Homeoapthy saved patients with influenza and pneumonia. Ill luck always followed coal tar derivatives, Aspirin especially." [7]

Dr. A. H. Grimmer, a medical doctor in Chicago, Illinois reported "it is a rare thing for pneumonia to develop if a good homeopathy phsyician iscalled during the first 24 hours of an attack of influenza. An appalling death rate comes from the baneful results of large doses of Aspirin, calculates and opium prepartions." [7]

Dr. T.A. McCann, a medical doctor in Dayton Ohio said, "I have treated 1,000 cases of influenza. I have no losses. Please give all credit to Homeopathy and none to the Scotch-Irish-American!." [7]
D. W.H. Wilson, a medical doctor in Chicago, Illinois, said "Murphy, of Lansing, Michigan, treated 325 cases of influenza in a camp where the mortality had been 20%, while the mortality under his homeopathic treatment was less than 3%." [7]

In her excellent work "The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza" (Sandra J. Perko, Benchmark, 2005) Perko reports that homeopathic Influenzium can be used to prevent the onset of the flu:

"For at least years I have personally and successfully, used and recommended to both clients and students the following preventive protocol: One month before the expected flu season (usually about the time the news media begins advising people to get their flu shots) take one dose of Inflluenzium 30X a week for four weeks. Skip the fifth week and take one more dose the sixth week. Then take one dose a month for the entire flu season. If in spite of everything you still get the flu, (and this has happened to a few people) it will generally be a much lighter case than it would have been otherwise. If this happens, take one dose of Influenzium 30C, followed by the indicated remedy in the case." [8] 

This article informs you which are the key remedies for fighting the flu.

Dr S. Morrison, of Harley street, writes: " The earliest symptoms usually are — a sudden feeling of prostration, with drowsiness, headache, and aching in the loins or limbs. These; are soon followed by catarrhal symptoms or sharper rheumatoid pains, and fever temperature. As, common mediciues, readily obtained , by post from any , homeopathic chemist, the following were of great service .—For the incipient stage, two or three pills of aconite 3x every half hour or hour, till the catarrhal symptom of nasal discharge commences. Then two or three pilules of arsenicum 3x every hour or two, according to the severity. When the rheumatoid pains are severe two or three tablets of Mercuria Sol. 3x every two hour. For congestion cf the lungs, two or three pilules of phosphorus 3rd. cent, every two hours. [9]

Perko lists over 80 homeopathic remedies used in the treatment of influenza, what to do once you got it. Of those she lists eight as being the chief remedies used in fighting the flu: Arsenicum album,  Baptisia tinctoria, Bryonia alba, Eupatporium petrolatum, Gelsemium sempervirens, Influenzium, Phosphorus and Rhus Toxicodendron. [10]

Perko describes Gelsemium (as noted by the New York homeopathic medical doctors of the 1890 at the end of this article) to be the remedy that presents a total picture which is more typical of influenza than any other homeopathic remedy. [11]
This information should be a welcome relief to anyone who doesn’t have an investment or career in jabbing the unsuspecting with poisoned needles.

It’s good to know that you can get cheap, life-saving medicine at the local drugstore that can be taken orally, if you need it.

And some people are seeking alternative treatments to the swine flu, just in case the swine flu becomes resistant to treatments like Tamiflu, or in the event of dangerous side effects to injected vaccines, such as Guillain Barre, or Reyes syndrome from the use of aspirin for the flu. [12]

According to Health News Track, Dr. Jacob Mirman of the Homeopathic Medical Clinic in Minneapolis says they are offering a flu kit that is growing in demand. "That's a hundred bucks from the Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy. They are right now inundated with requests, so they say it's one or two weeks to get it," he said. [ 13]

But it appears to be infuriating doctors who are peddling less effective but immensely more profitable means of treating the H1N1 influenza.  It must drive them into a rage when they see their prospective victims running to the neighborhood pharmacy to pick up a bottle of sugar pellets for a few rupees.

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The truth about  has been clouded by wealth and fame. We have not sufficiently learned from history, but now, thanks to the Internet and the science of homeopathy, the suffering of 1918 need not ever be repeated again. 

The unfortunate part of this is that those who would profit off the suffering of others with inferior means want to rope in the "authorities." The World Health Organization , which is either quite well aware of the facts, or ought to be, facts that anyone can verify for themselves on the Internet, are misinforming the public in an effort that may lead to dissuading a large portion of the general population from taking precautions that could easily prevent death.

The Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report states:

"The WHO has warned that people with conditions such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria should not rely on homeopathic treatments, the BBC reports. The agency was responding to a June letter (full text available here), in which researchers from the Voice of Young Science Network (VYS) called on the agency "to condemn the promotion of homeopathy for treating TB, infant diarrhoea, influenza, malaria and HIV." The group, which is part of the Sense About Science organization that advocates for "evidence-based" care, has conveyed the WHO's views in a letter to health ministers, according to the BBC (8/20)." [14]

Read the Kaiser report again, carefully. The June VYS letter to the WHO in June, said: "We are calling on the WHO to condemn the promotion of homeopathy for treating TB, infant diarrhoea, influenza, malaria and HIV."

But in the WHO proscription of homeopathy for treatment of specific conditions, influenza is left out. I am searching for a competent voice at the WHO for the dismissal of homeopathy in the treatgment of influenza and I have yet to find it.

The Kaiser report says:

The WHO’s strategy is very unclear on homeopathy and that is shocking," said Daniella Muallem, a biophysicist at University College London, who signed the letter, adding, "They are supposed to be articulating evidence-based medicine, but their stance is very wishy-washy" (Rose, Times, 6/1). [14]

Perhaps the WHO appears wishy-washy because they are being bullied by the traditional opposition to homeopathy, which always ends up being guilty of the very thing they accuse homeopathy of: No evidence to back up assertions. All we see here are condemnations, more empty threats and complaints, but no confronting the evidence as it stands from others, and certainly none of their own.

The Kaiser reports says:

"In an open letter to the WHO highlighting homeopathy projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana and Botswana that offer treatments for HIV, malaria, diarrhea or the flu, the researchers wrote, ‘Those of us working with the most rural and impoverished people of the world already struggle to deliver the medical help that is needed. When homeopathy stands in place of effective treatment, lives are lost.’ (Mail & Guardian, 6/1).[14]

Quite on the contrary, the UK's Faculty of Homeopathy claims that there is evidence homeopathy helps with the flu. Massive evidence I might add.  Here for example, is just one piece. This is a study that the "researchers" are so studiously avoiding when they say there is "no evidence." It is an abstract of an in vitro, i.e. "in the glass" a test tube, biochemical study by Glatthaar-Saalmuller on the effects of a homeopathic flu remedy branded Grippe Heel on the influenza A virus, among others:

"Gripp-Heel is a homeopathic preparation frequently used in the treatment of respiratory viral infections such as various types of influenza and the common cold. Gripp-Heel demonstrated dose-dependent in vitro activity (significant reductions of infectivity by 20% to 40%) against Human herpesvirus 1, Human adenovirus C serotype 5, Influenza A virus, Human respiratory syncytial virus, Human parainfluenza virus 3, Human rhinovirus B serotype 14, and Human coxsackievirus serotype A9. The mechanisms of this antiviral activity are still unclear, but type I interferon induction might be a possible explanation.
The Glatthaar-Saalmuller  study is available for anyone’s perusal through the footnoted link where it can  be found in  PUBMED, the U.S. government’s online database for medical articles. [16]
The opponents of homeopathy will say that the Glatthaar-Saalmuller study is the only one. But note that this is after saying that there was no objective evidence. Now they must attack the validity of this one study, attack the credentials and motivations of the sole researcher. They will try to isolate and humiliate researccher and say that he or she is in the employ of the manufacturer of that particular remedy. Without having read or defining their standards. they will try to quickly dismiss Glatthaar-Saalmuller  by saying that the study was badly done, sloppy work, of poor methodological quality, it wasn’t replicated or blinded, there were no controls,  and that the work was not peer reviewed. They will infer that Glatthaar-Saalmuller is an idiot, or a fraud, and how dare he challenge their assertions: extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, and Glatthaar-Saalmuller  is not it.
But wait. If we click on Glatthaar-Saalmuller  at the PUBMED prompt, we come up with four more published studies  by that same author, three of which are also in vitro tests of homeopathy and one more that is a test of a plant extract in the treatment of influenza: Glatthaar-Saalmüller B, Sacher F, Esperester A. Antiviral activity of an extract derived from roots of Eleutherococcus senticosus. Antiviral Res. 2001 Jun;50(3):223-8. Labor Dr. Glatthaar, Virologische Testsysteme, Gewebekulturen, Immundiagnostik, Biotechnologie Zentrum Tübingen/Reutlingen, Reutlingen, Germany.
Seems as if the man has a real interest in the treatment of influenza, not only with homeopathy but with phyto extracts as well, and he has some friends who share his interests.
And there is yet another thing that the homeopathy haters have left out of this very important discussion. And it is important, it’s very important, it’s critical: human lives are at stake. Right? And so we’re all presumably trying to be extremely careful in what we say, what we claim, what we write. Am I not correct? Of course I am. We are all presumably seeking the truth here.
Here is what should be raising the hair on the back of the necks of those who say that there is no objective evidence for homeopathy: 

Glatthaar-Saalmuller  is not the only in vitro researcher of homeopathic medicine.

In 2007 six German researchers at the Charite University Medical Center’s Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics in Berlin conducted a comprehensive review of the literature for the purpose of analyzing all of the known in vitro evidence for homeopathy.
Now make a note of this. This is the Witt review: "The in vitro evidence for an effect of high homeopathic potencies- A systematic review of the literature." [17]
It is very important, because there isn’t much comprehensive and objective evidence for homeopathy. That is to say, you rarely find it all in one place, especially in vitro trials of it, which are the most objective evidence for the action of homeopathic medicine. You can’t say the effects of what you see in a test tube are the effects of a placebo, and the placebo charge is what is most often leveled at homeopathy. And you will find in this discussion, that the opponents will traverse in their argument. They will leave one point to take up another. They will attack it on every possible angle, until you finally realize, the objections to  homeopathy are pathological. Every outspoken opponent of homeopathy is an atheist.

It’s a common notion among many people in the corporate driven media, run by big pharma accounts, that Jacques Benveniste has been the only one who ever did an in vitro test of homeopathy, and that he was thoroughly discredited for the basophil degranulation test. But that’s not true.
In the Witt review each study was evaluated on a cumulative score of one to 10 using a systemized scoring. A system called the Score for Assessment of Physical Experiments on Homeopathy

The Witt study found 67 in vitro experiments reported on in 75 publications.
One third of  them were replications.
What they found was that three out of four studies found objective evidence for homeopathy
Nearly 3/4 of them found a high potency effect, and 2/3 of the 18 scored 6 points or more and controlled contamination.
Nearly 3/4 of all replications were positive.

The critics now must fall back into the next argument. They now have to say that the results are unstable, weak and inhomogenous. But the first assetion, that homeopathy is a placebo, has been discredited by numerous in vitro trials, some which scored  well above what the reviewers would consider to be high standards. The Belon trial, for instance, scored a perfect 10, the highest possible on the SAPEH scale

The most popular replication was the basophil degranulation test, the same test for which Benveniste has falsely been credited with having "discovered" and subsequently falsely  "discredited" as well after James Randi, a professional magician and sleight of hand artist who professedly had a million dollar stake in the outcome, was allowed in Benveniste’s laboratory and secretely handled the key to the double blind. [18, 19, 20, 21] The irony was that the basophil degranulation test had already been replicated,  more than any other in vitro test for homeopathy!
Now, this is amazing because of the discrepancy between what the media and most professionals think of homeopathy, that there are no objective tests for  homeopathic remedies. Its as if that factoid has been beat into our heads, that there is no objective evidence for homeopathy.
If you type in the search term "homeopathy" it returns over 3900 articles that reference homeopathy, many like the one above.
Perhaps the "researchers," who are so fond of "the evidence", whatever they think that should be, would be so kind to state their double blind, random controlled trials that support their wild claimz that "lives are lost" when homeopathy prempts their expensive, dangerous and ineffective treaments. Perhaps they could state for us volume and page their published findings that contradict the successful mass usage of homeopathy in the treatment of pandemic disease.
So now who’s putting lives at risk?
Paula Ross, the chief executive of the Society of Homeopaths, says of the WHO and VYS slam: "This is just another poorly wrapped attempt to discredit homeopathy by Sense About Science. The irony is that in their efforts to promote evidence in medicine, they have failed to do their own homework."
Yes! Exactly!  The VYS, with its "sense about science" shell is a health menace, and its membership should be required to turn in their licenses to practice and not get them back until they have successfully completed a course of instruction in homeopathy, real medicine. Have them learn some facts. Study the history, conduct a proving, do a biological experiment and a physical study of high dilutes, maybe even get laughed at a bit and told their methodology was lousy by armchair scientists after they get positive results.
They might actually end up helping somebody.
Dr Sara Eames, president of the faculty, said people should not be deprived of effective conventional medicines for serious disease.
But she added: "Millions die each year as those affected have no access to these drugs.
"It therefore seems reasonable to consider what beneficial role homeopathy could play. What is needed is further research and investment into homeopathy." [22.]
There is no doubt the evidence, born out in history and scientific trial, will show to any objective investigator that exactly the opposite is true of what the VYS is claiming . Humanity has to stop listening to the Voice of Young Science, and listen to the voice of older science instead. We have a simple preventative and a simple remedy for anyone who gets the swine flu. The ultimate danger here is relying  on a contaminated needle stick from an ignoramus wanting to get paid to play God. In its August 17th issue The Times of India reports:

"The British Government has written to senior neurologists to warn them that the new swine flu vaccine may trigger a deadly brain disorder called  Guillain-Barre syndrome.
Medical experts have been asked to look out for cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome which can paralyse its victims, once the national vaccination programme begins.
In its letter, the Health Protection Agency refers to the use of a swine flu vaccine in the US in 1976, when 25 people died from the syndrome, while just one died from flu.
Concerns have already been raised that the new vaccine has not been sufficiently tested, and its effects, especially on children, are unknown. " [14.]

It certainly is interesting that this information hasn’t appeared in the Western press, but rather in the country that has the highest use of homeopathy in the world.

Homeopathy, according to WHO’s own assessment, is the second most widely used form of medicine in the world today, second only to Chinese medicine .[23] It is the largest form of medicine today in India, where crowds are mobbing pharmacies for homeopathic remedies.

"And, in a frenzy state, people have started buying Influenzinum homeopathic medicine from homeopathic shops and pharmacies. One can see crowd of people buying influenzinum in front of homeopathic shops in Pune and Mumbai."  [24]

This is because it works. [25] Despite the perpetual attacks on it, homeopathy has a history of increasing use. Homeopathic remedies are not placebos. They are real medicines. The proof of it is that their action can be seen on plants, animals, children, in double blind trials and in biochemical tests, all subjects that are free from the placebo effect.
"The virus does not become resistant to homeopathy because we don't treat the virus," Mirman said. "We treat the vital force, the immune system, so then it takes care of the virus, whatever it is." [24]

The attack on homeopathy by the VYS is nothing new.  Over a hundred years ago, on Jan 9th, 1890, the Homeopathic Society of New York met to discuss how to deal with its two greatest challenges: Cures for attacks on homeopaths by the oppositional medical practitioners of the old school, and influenza. 
After discussing homeopathy and the struggles it had met since Hahnemann promulgated it 80 years past from that time, Dr. George S. Norton had the following to say:
"Since all other means have failed to destroy homeopathy, its opponents have raised the cry that it is sectarian, as if that were a disgrace.
"But this, like all past attempts to injure the school, is doomed to the same inevitable failure, and will prove in the end to be a title of honor and not of shame. For sectarianism was in the beginning forced upon homeopathy.
"If, when the law of similia was first promulgated by Hahnemann, it had been accepted by the profession as one law of cure, even  of little importance, it would not have advanced the therapeutics of the old school many years, but would have prevented the formation of a sectarian school.
"But such was not the case. It was met by the bigotry of the medical profession, who, without investigation, held the law and its followers up to ridicule, derision, and oppression.
"Shall we then, at the dictum of the old school and the few discontents in our own ranks, tear down the bridge which has carried us in safety over? Shall we renounce those principles which have been our guide in the past or endeavor to merge them into the broad field of medical empiricism? No; most emphatically no!
"The time has not yet come for this to be done. When the dominant school of medicine accepts the law of similia as one of the laws of cure; when the principles of homeopathy are taught with others in their colleges; when homeopathic physicians and surgeons are admitted upon an equal footing in their societies and given the same recognition in their hospitals and public institutions; when the ban which has been laid upon all followers of Hahnemann has been removed, then, and not until then, can we afford to give up our distinctive title. They who first forced us into sectarianism must give us a more cordial invitation to return to the fold before we can with honor accept."
The participants then put the quarrel aside and went on to discuss treatments for influenza, noting that there had been 80 or more epidemics had appeared in different portions of the globe since the 16th century. It was recorded that in the treament of influenza, gelsemium and phos were used with good results, and that as many as 99 out of 100 of the numerous death were the result of non-homeopathic treatment. [26]

Modern proof will be found in the sub continent. Watch India. They have the highest use of homeopathy in the world and the government has een funding research for its use. With so many people using it, if it is ineffective, then India will tell the story.

In the meantime, better to be safe than sorry.[27] Try homeopathy. It works. [28]


  1. Gelsemium sempervirens
  2. Bryonia alba
  3. Eupatorium petrolatum
  4. Baptisia tinctoria
  5. Phosphorus
  6. Rhus Toxicodendron. 
  7. Arsenicum album

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